By Adamar Industries

Multi-Grab V Magnetic Hand Safety Tool ON/OFF Switch

$345.00 - $425.00
Style: Multi-Grab V
Regular price $385.00
Regular price Sale price $385.00
Regular price $385.00
Regular price Sale price $385.00

The Multi-Grab IV is a versatile On - Off Magnetic Tool for Material Handling, Holding, Positioning, Lifting and Suspended Load Control.


Features and Benefits

  • Strong, durable and easy to use
  • Lightweight, compact and super tough
  • Magnet can be turned On and Off
  • 2 position locking handle for push/pull and lift/carry
  • "V" grooves on 3 magnetic lifting surfaces for steel rod and rounds
  • Produces approximately 380 LBS of magnetic grip force
  • Keep fingers and hands away from dangerous pinch or crush points
  • Precision CNC aluminium manufacturing
  • Easy to attach almost anywhere
  • Costs way less than an accident or ER visit
  • Assembled in U.S.A.


  • Move, position and lift steel parts, pieces and assemblies
  • Suspended load control operations
  • Move and position steel sheet metal
  • Lift and carry steel parts and pieces
  • Lift and pull up small steel covers and lids
  • Position and hold steel parts for welding or assembly
  • Grab, drag and carry steel parts and pieces
  • Use in laser cutting, plasma cutting and water jetting operations
  • Use in steel manufacturing and fabrication operations
  • Use in steel building and structure fabrication and construction
  • Do not lift more than 40 LBS (18 KG)

The Multi-Grab IV is a multi-purpose, multi-use magnetic no touch safety tool with many uses and applications. It is a perfect choice for steel fabrication shops, steel mills, machine shops, manufacturing and many other industries.