About LHR


When you work as hard as you do, your safety gear should too. LHR Safety Worksite Outfitters recognizes that it's not enough to just supply any industrial safety gear or equipment, the gear you use should be tough, dependable and made of the highest-quality materials specific to the job and the jobsite. 

This is why we align ourselves with some of the best safety apparel and equipment manufacturers in the industry and continually work to provide custom safety solutions to reduce risk, manage the elements, improve productivity and provide protection for workers on job sites all over the world.

We're not about supplying just any safety apparel and equipment. We're about supplying the best safety apparel and equipment - industry proven protective products that keep workers safe during their daily grind. 



Working Hard to Keep You Working

We’ve spent nearly 40 years identifying and delivering the right safety gear to keep workers working. Our quest never ends to seek out the best safety workwear, tools and products. We do so by actively visiting our customers in the field, pinpointing specific needs and partnering with best-in-class safety clothing and equipment manufacturers to provide protective solutions that focus on worksite safety above all else. 

Investing in Innovation 

Just as operations advance processes to introduce newer, safer, and more efficient systems, it is essential that a company’s safety program overhaul their safety protection equipment in the same way. At LHR, we make it a priority to stay well versed on the latest advances in safety technology and methodology - information we proactively share with our customers.  

If We Won’t Use It, We Won’t Sell It

A person’s safety is not something we take lightly. That’s why we only sell those products that we personally would use ourselves. That equates to a stringent commitment to quality. It is also why we don’t represent every manufacturer under the sun. We place a great deal of trust in our safety suppliers knowing what could be what protects the user from a hazardous or life-threatening situation.