By Adamar Industries

Steer-Stik Lite

$175.00 - $225.00
Size: 12"
Regular price $175.00
Regular price Sale price $175.00
Regular price $175.00
Regular price Sale price $175.00

The Steer-Stik Lite is a lightweight, rigid and strong  versatile hands free safety tool. It is designed to push and pull suspended loads, load guiding and material handling. The Steer-Stik Lite has a uniquely shaped head design, which help users to quickly and easily grab, hook, push, pull, control rigging, control suspended loads, control chains, etc. 

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Straight grip
  • Precision CNC manufacturing
  • Easy to grab and release objects
  • Push, pull and guide suspended loads
  • Bright yellow/green color
  • Non-slip, abrasion resistant
  • Available in 4 lengths