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Tangle Free Taglines

$105.00 - $315.00
Size: Red - 10 ft
Regular price $105.00
Regular price Sale price $105.00
Regular price $105.00
Regular price Sale price $105.00
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LHR's tangle-resistant coated taglines are specifically designed to be a safe alternative to traditional rope taglines. Traditional rope taglines can easily become tangled or wrapped aroound a person's leg or other surrounding object as the crane is lifitng the load causing a potentially hazardous condition to personnel and damage to equipment.    Traditional rope taglines can also become saturated with liquids and oils making them slippery and reducing grip. LHR's tangle-resistant coated taglines provides rigidity preventing entanglement with personnel and other objects while also providing better grip for better control.


Red - 10 ft LHR TLD110
Orange - 15 ft LHR TLD115 
Yellow - 20 ft LHR TLD120
Green - 25 ft LHR TLD125
Blue - 30 ft LHR TLD130
Purple - 35 ft  LHR TLD135
White - 40 ft LHR TLD140
Grey - 45 ft LHR TLD145
Brown - 50 ft  LHR TLD150
Black - 60 ft LHR TLD160
Black - 65 ft LHR TLD165